Information regarding high school transition days that we have received:

School: Birches Head Academy
Transition Evening: Tuesday 4th July
Transition Days: Wednesday and Thursday 5th and 6th July

School: Co-op Academy Stoke on Trent
Transition Day: Thursday 6th July
Intake Evening: not taking place

School: Excel Academy
Transition Evening: Thursday 06/07/23 17.00-19.00 in the Academy
Transition Days: Wednesday 05/07/23 and Thursday 06/07/23 08.20-1445 in the Academy

School: Haywood Academy
Transition Evening: Thursday 06/07/23 19.00 – 20.30 in the Academy
Transition Day: Thursday 06/07/23 09.00 – 14.30 in the Academy

School: Ormiston Horizon Academy
Transition Evening: Thursday 06/07/23 Two Sittings 6pm and 7pm
Transition Days: Thursday 06/07/23 and Friday 07/07/23 0900-1430 in the Academy

School: St. Margaret Ward Academy
Please contact the school for details

If your child’s high school is not listed here and you have not received any transition information, please contact the high school directly.