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Headteacher:- Mrs K Peters

Head of School:- Mrs L Wright

School Business Manager - Mrs E Searl

SENCo - Mrs S Mills

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Values and Ethos


  • A curriculum that has a variety of learning opportunities that promotes a desire to learn through exciting content, that interlinks but blends into one experience. A wholesome curriculum that drives equality, respect and positive citizenship. 
  • Children who enjoy their time together, have lots of enjoyable games to play and have a deep understanding of how to co-operate because they are equipped with a range of positive social skills to feel safe and happy at all times. 
  • Children learn challenging ideas and concepts with consistent quality support, guidance and a range of high quality, purposeful resources. Everyone has access to inspirational quality real books alongside innovative technologies that spark the imagination and world of curiosity.  Children have opportunity to explore, practise and apply their skills in meaningful and exciting contexts. 
  • We recognise the importance of early foundations and how much the children already know when they enter Moorpark. Their learning is already intertwined through an array of exciting experiences, it is always growing and forever changing as they continue to develop in growth, their learning is everywhere. We aim to continue their learning journey and prepare them for continued success beyond Junior school and onto higher education. 
  • Parental engagement is a priority, we believe support and communication is key to successful learning. All adults in school have an open door policy for all parents. We aim to understand and accommodate the needs of all families and recognise there are many diverse factors that meet everyday demands and circumstances. 
  • The governors are strong, determined, support the school to move barriers and challenge us to make the biggest difference possible. They ensure the whole team share the vision and move in the same direction for the upmost success.
  • The community is an important part of the school’s ethos. It’s background, population, history and potential support is valued and a welcome and richly diverse part of school life. We aim to return this contribution through the school’s work amongst it’s locality and beyond. 
  • We work as a professional team to ensure we have a shared understanding of the school’s priorities, how to move forward together and maintain a high level of knowledge in terms of external expectations and changing policy whilst maintaining autonomy to make decisions that are the best for Moorpark. 
  • We believe home-learning should be a positive bridge to school life, to give children the opportunity to independently explore and extend their own learning through stimulating activities that promote quality talk and interest with family and friends outside school. We believe children should be supported to meet this with extra school intervention if necessary through quality parent partnership and understanding of family needs.  
  • A school that feels as safe as home for everyone. 
  • A school where every-day is an adventure . 

Mission Statement

The New Guild Trust believes in the sum of its parts to be greater than its equal through trust, collaboration and high expectations to ensure the best education and employment for all children and adults alike.

Mrs Karen Peters