Welcome to Moorpark Junior School

Welcome to Moorpark Junior School. We hope that you will find this website to be a useful source of information and keeps you up to date with all the exciting activities that happen in our busy school.
At Moorpark we aim for high standards and outstanding achievement in a creative and fun environment that has an emphasis on the mastery of basic skills within an enquiry based “finding out” approach to the wider curriculum.
We encourage our children to REACH and be successful learners. We foster attitudes to ensure that all children BELIEVE in themselves and that anything is possible with positive challenge and determination. Moorpark teaches children to EXPLORE their environment and learn from the variety of enriching experiences that the school has to offer. Ultimately we BELIEVE that everyone at Moorpark can ACHIEVE the best in everything that they do.
Moorpark is a very special place for all the children and staff, we are very proud of our rapid progress towards becoming a good and outstanding school. This is due to the commitment of a highly dedicated team of staff and governors working in close partnership with our children, families and wider community.
If you are a prospective parent or carer, we hope that you will come and visit the school in person. Please telephone our school office to arrange a suitable appointment. We look forward to giving you a tour of our school in action.
Kindest regards,
Mrs Karen Peters, B.A. (Hons), N.P.Q.H.